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Dan Adam

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Dan Adam, born in Israel, received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) and D.Sc. (Biomedical Engineering) from the Technion in 1968, 1973 and 1977, respectively. He joined the Technion Faculty in 1977. He was at Tufts University, Boston, (1978-1980). He joined MIT in 1980 as Assistant Professor, teaching at the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program. He has been with the Technion since 1983, in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. During 1992-1993 he held a visiting appointment at NIH, Bethesda, MD. He has been an IEEE member since 1964. He was also active in Computers in Cardiology since 1970, organized its Annual International conference (1989), elected to its Board (1990-1999). He serves on the Board of the Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering since 1988, and as its President till 2007, and its delegate to the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), and as past-Chair, Academic Division and Council Member, European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering and Science (EAMBES).

Research Interest

Prof. Adam's research interests are mainly in ultrasound processing – design of multi-frequency phased array probes for the development of multi-frequency (spectral) imaging; ultrasound RF processing (Blind Deconvolution) for increased axial and 2D resolution; Echo ultrasound Strain imaging, including Layer-Specific 2D Strain measurements as a diagnostic tool of myocardial pathologies – e.g. coronary artery disease, conduction system pathologies, congestive heart failure; Mapping of flow indices as a measure of organ patency; Position/Orientation registration of probes for 3D quantification of measurements & visualization; Image guided therapy/surgery; Development of new applications for ultrasound Contrast Agents: Myocardial Perfusion estimation and flow within plaques by ultrasound using Contrast Agents, Pressure estimation using Contrast Agents, ultrasound control of thermotherapy,  Treatment and initiation of apoptosis in cancerous tissue by localized heating – and control by ultrasound measurements within the treated region and its surrounding areas.

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