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Daniel Rittel

Mechanical Engineering
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Daniel Rittel


Dr. Daniel Rittel is currently affiliated to Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Mechanical Engineering.

Research Interest

Experimental Mechanics. Fracture mechanics (static and dynamic, damage). Mechanical properties of materials. Mechanical metallurgy. Failure analysis of materials & mechanical systems. Dental biomechanics Geophysics.


  • D. Rittel, LH. Zhang and S. Osovski, (2017), “The dependence of the Taylor-Quinney coefficient on the dynamic loading mode”, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 107, 96-114

  • Y. Rotbaum, G. Parvari, Y. Eichen and D. Rittel, (2017), “Static and Dynamic Large Strain Properties of Methyl Cellulose Hydrogels”, in press Macromolecules.

  • R. Korabi, K. Shemtov-Yona, A. Dorogoy and D. Rittel, (2017), “The failure envelope concept applied to the bone-dental implant system”, Scientifc Reports, 7, 2051.

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