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Miriam Zacksenhouse

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Dr. Miriam Zacksenhouse is currently affiliated to Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Mechanical Engineering.

Research Interest

Computational Motor control Brain Machine Interface (BMI) Neural Spike train analysis Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Control of rhythmic movements using coupled neural oscillators Neural oscillators Central Pattern Generators (CPGs)


  • Jin H.L. and M. Zacksenhouse, Robotic Yoyo playing with visual feedback, IEEE Trans Robotics, 20(4):736-744, Aug. 2004.

  • Zacksenhouse M. and E. Ahissar. Temporal decoding by phase-locked-loops - unique features of circuit level implementations and their significance for vibrissal information processing. Neural Computation, 18(7):1611-1636. July 2006.

  • Dejmal I. and M. Zacksenhouse, Coordinative structure of simultaneous hand movements facilitates their recognition. IEEE Trans Biomed. Eng. 53(12):1-9. Dec, 2006.

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