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Ofer Strichman

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Prof. Strichman has been active in the formal verification community as of 1999. He has published two books: "Decision procedures – an algorithmic point of view" together with Daniel Kroening, and "Efficient decision procedures for validation", edited a third one and coauthored over 90 peer-reviewed articles in this field. He is also active in the SAT (Boolean satisfiability) community, and co-chaired the main conference SAT in 2010. Prof. Strichman is mostly known for his contributions to SAT (e.g., incremental satisfiability, phase saving), linear-time proof manipulation and bounded model-checking.

Research Interest

Formal verification of finite-state systems, model-checking and bounded model-checking. Decision procedures for first-order theories in the Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) framework; SAT and CSP; Program equivalence checking

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