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Rakefet Ackerman

Assistant Professor
Behavioral Science and Management
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Dr. Rakefet Ackerman is currently affiliated to Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, and continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Behavioral Science and Management.

Research Interest

Dr. Ackerman studies the cognitive processes of learning, question answering, and problem solving. Her studies are based on the metacognitive approach, by which subjective assessment of knowledge guides the activities taken by learners for achieving their goals. Understanding the factors that affect the reliability of metacognitive monitoring and the cases that are particularly prone to biases offers a foundation for developing effective learning environments and study techniques.


  • Ackerman, R. (2014). The Diminishing Criterion Model for metacognitive regulation of time investment. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 143(3), 1349-1368

  • Thompson, V., Ackerman, R., Sidi, Y., Pennycook, G., Ball, L., & Prowse Turner, J. A. (2013). The role of answer fluency and perceptual fluency in the monitoring and control of reasoning: Reply to Alter, Oppenheimer, & Epley (2013). Cognition, 128, 256-258.

  • Ackerman, R., & Zalmanov, H. (2012). The persistence of the fluency-confidence association in problem solving. Psychonomic Bulleting & Review, 19(6), 1189-1192.

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