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Shelly Tzlil

Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Dr. Shelly Tzlil is currently affiliated to Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Mechanical Engineering.

Research Interest

Cell Mechanics and cell mechanosensing Cell-Biomaterial interaction Development of Mechano-sensitive soft biomaterials Nerve regeneration using mechanical signals Measurements of submicron deformations and picoNewton forces at the single molecule level Biophysics, complex fluids, soft matter and nano-mechanics


  • Shelly Tzlil, Markus Deserno, William M. Gelbart and Avinoam Ben-Shaul, A Statistical-Thermodynamic Model Of Viral Budding, Biophys. J. 86, 2037-2048 (2004)

  • Shelly Tzlil, James Kindt, William M. Gelbart and Avinoam Ben-Shaul, Forces and Pressures in DNA Packaging and Release from Viral Capsids, Biophys. J. 84, 1616-1627 (2003)

  • James Kindt, Shelly Tzlil, Avinoam Ben-Shaul and William M. Gelbart , DNA Packaging and Ejection Forces in Bacteriophage, PNAS. 98, 13671-13674 (2001).

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