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Shulamit Levenberg

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Prof. Levenberg conducts interdisciplinary research on stem cells and tissue engineering. She did her PhD at the Weizmann institute on cell adhesion, and her post doctorate research on tissue engineering with Prof. Robert Langer at MIT. Her research showed that it is possible to create complex tissues including blood vessels in a laboratory and that these engineered tissue-constructs can integrate with the host when implanted. She is also developing micro bioreactors and nanoliter droplet devices for stem cell growth and manipulations. Levenberg received the Krill Prize for excellence in scientific research by the Wolf Foundation, and was named by Scientific American as a “Research Leader” in Tissue Engineering. Prof. Levenberg is currently the elected president of the Israel Stem Cell Society and serves as a member of the Israel National Bioethics Council.

Research Interest

Vascularization of engineered tissues. Stem cell differntiation on 3D scaffolds.Controling stem cell microenvironments  

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