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Anat Herskovits

Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology
Tel Aviv University

Anat Herskovits


Anat Herskovits, Professor, Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Research Interest

Studying the interactions of L. monocytogenes with the innate immune system. Studying the role of MDR transporters in activation of innate immune response and in L. monocytogenes physiology. Identification of novel effector proteins of L. monocytogenes L. monocytogenes metabolism during intracellular growth. Regulation of virulence genes via metabolic signals. The role of the Sec system in L. monocytogenes virulence • Pathogen-host-phage interactions.


  • Membrane Chaperone SecDF Plays a Role in the Secretion of Listeria monocytogenes Major Virulence Factors. Tamar Burg-Golani, Yair Pozniak, Lev Rabinovich, Nadejda Sigal, Ran Nir Paz and Anat A. Herskovits J. Bacteriol. December 2013 vol. 195 no. 23 5262-5272

  • Listeria monocytogenes MDR transporters are involved in LTA synthesis and triggering of innate immunity during infection. Keren Tadmor, Yair Pozniak, Tamar Burg Golani, Lior Lobel, Moran Brenner, Nadejda Sigal, and Anat A. Herskovits. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2014; 4: 16.

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