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Judith Berman

Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology
Tel Aviv University

Judith Berman


Judith Berman,Professor, Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Research Interest

Interested in how genomes evolve and change in response to the stresses that assault a cell. Study on Candida albicans, the most prevalent fungal commensal and pathogen of humans. Interested in how it responds to antifungal drugs and how it manages to evolve drug resistance very rapidly. His work spans studies of chromosome structure, chromosome stability, integrity and inheritance as well as regulation of the life cycle and the cell cycle. This touches on topics including morphogenesis, ploidy, recombination and repair of damage.


  • McCoy, K.M., Tubman, E.S., Claas, A., Tank,D., Applen Clancy, S., O’Toole, E.T., J. Berman, and D.J. Odde. 2015 Physical limits on kinesin-5 mediated chromosome congression in the smallest mitotic spindles,

  • Gerstein, A., Fu, S., Mukaremera, L., Li, Z., Ormerod, K.L., Fraser, J.A., Berman, J., Nielsen, K.. 2015 Polyploid titan cells produce haploid and aneuploid progeny to promote stress adaptation mBio.

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