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Michal Beeri

Department of pshycology
Tel Aviv University


the center covers basic and clinical research on diseases of the brain. Particular interest in cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Research methods: Animal models, PCR, ELISA, Western Blot analysis, Immunohistochemistry and image analysis, Cell culture, Animal Behavioral tests and clinical research (epidemiology, neuroimaging, clinical trials).

Research Interest

The Israel Diabetes and Cognitive Decline (IDCD) study- a large scale longitudinal study of initially non-demented diabetic elderly who are examined for cognition, genetics, inflammation, and life style. The Israel Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention (IRAP)- a large scale longitudinal study of offspring of Alzheimer’s disease patients who are examined for cognition, genetics, inflammation, life style, structural and functional MRI, and LPs for Abeta 40-42, total tau and P tau. The Israel Ischemic Heart Disease Oldest Old (IIHD-OO) study- we are examining for dementia and movement disorders the 500 survivors of the IIHD, who now average 94 years of age and for whom we have data on directly assessed cardiovascular functioning in midlife. Several ongoing studies using neuroimaging (fMRI, structural MRI, DTI, and a novel BBB MRI technique) including populations with schizophrenia, ADHD, TBI, obesity, age-associated cognitive impairment, PD.

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