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Noga Kronfeld -schor

Faculty of Zoology
Tel Aviv University

Noga Kronfeld -schor


Noga Kronfeld -Schor, Researcher, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University

Research Interest

Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology


  • Roll U, Dayan T and Kronfeld-Schor N. On the role of phylogeny in determining activity patterns of rodents. Evolutionary Ecology. 20: 479-90. 2006.

  • Cohen R, and Kronfeld-Schor N. Individual variability and photic entrainment of circadian rhythms in golden spiny mice. Physiology & Behavior. 87: 563-574. 2006.

  • Kronfeld-Schor, N. and Dayan, T. 2003. Partitioning of time as an ecological resource. Annual reviews of Ecology Evolution and Systematics 44:461–80 2013.

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