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Roi Dor

Faculty of Zoology
Tel Aviv University

Roi Dor


Roi Dor, Researcher, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University

Research Interest

Genetic basis of behavioral, ecological and physiological traits Population genetics Speciation processes Molecular phylogenetics Evolution of communication systems


  • Dor R., H. Kedar, D. W. Winkler and A. Lotem. 2007. Begging in the absence of parents: A "quick on the trigger" strategy to minimize costly misses. Behavioral Ecology. 18: 97-102.

  • Dor R., T. Katzav-Gozansky and A. Hefetz. 2005. Dufour's gland pheromone as a reliable signal for reproductive dominance among honeybee (Apis mellifera) workers. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 58: 270-276.

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