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Tom Schonberg

Faculty of Nuerobiology
Tel Aviv University

Tom Schonberg


Tom Schonberg, Researcher, Faculty of Nuerobiology, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Research Interest

The main interest of the lab is studying the neural basis of value-based decision making in humnas. We focus on the structural and functional plasticity underlying behavior change. We functional MRI, eye tracking and computational learning models to better understand human mental function and its underlying neural substrates. We are interested in the process of value construction, how values can be perturbed and changed and how these processes are manifested in the human brain. We study the multiple components of this process by designing novel behavioral paradigms and using converging research tools to analyze them. 


  • Schonberg T., Bakkour A., Hover A. M., Mumford J. A., Poldrack, R. A. (2014) Influencing food preferences by training: Evidence for modulation of frontoparietal control signals. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 26(2): 247-68.

  • Helfinstein S. M., Schonberg T., Congdon E., Karlsgodt K. H., Sabb F. W., Cannon T. D., London E. D., Bilder R. M., Poldrack R. A. (2014) Predicting risky choices from brain activity patterns. Published online ahead of print, PNAS.

  • Schonberg T., Bakkour A., Hover A. M., Mumford J. A., Nagar L., Perez J., Poldrack, R. A. Changing value through cued approach: An automatic mechanism of behavior change. Nature Neuroscience, 17: 625-630.

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