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Yossi Yovel

Faculty of Zoology
Tel Aviv University

Yossi Yovel


Yossi Yovel, Researcher, Department of Zoology, Tel Aviv University

Research Interest

The team have developed miniature sensors that can be mounted onto bats in the wild. These sensors include GPS, audio, video, acceleration, EEG (brain waves) and other analogue sensors that measure physiology (e.g., heart rate) or environmental cues (e.g., ambient light), enabling us to sense the world from the bat's point of view. In the laboratory, we use ultrasonic microphone arrays synchronized to high speed video tracking for monitoring the precise sensory behavior of the bat as it is performing a wide repertoire of tasks.


  • Geva-Sagiv M, Yovel Y, Las L & Ulanovsky N (2015) Spatial cognition in bats and rats: from sensory acquisition to multiscale maps and navigation, Nature Rev. Neurosci. 16, 94-108

  • S. Danilovich, A. Krishnan, W. J. Lee, I. Borrisov, O. Eitan, G. Kosa, C. F. Moss, Y. Yovel (2015) Bats regulate biosonar based on the availability of visual information Current Biology (in press)

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