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Witt Helms

Weizmann Institute of Science


 The lab of host-pathogen genomics is interested in how individual encounters between host and pathogenic bacteria can ultimately define the outcome of infection. This is achieved by applying cross-disciplinary single-cell analysis platforms that collectively enable us to extensively profile and precisely monitor host-pathogen interactions within the context of in vivo infections

Research Interest



  • Helms, W; Haseley, N; Brown, D; Penaranda, C; Jijon, Hb; Trombetta, Jj; Satija, R; Shalek, Ak; Xavier, Rj; Regev, A; Hung, Dt (2015). Pathogen Cell-to-Cell Variability Drives Heterogeneity in Host Immune Responses. Cell. 162:1309-1321.

  • Helms, W; Haseley, N; Fan, A; Bloom-Ackermann, Z; Livny, J; Hung, D; Livny, J (2016). A Highly Multiplexed and Sensitive RNA-Seq Protocol For Simultaneous Analysis of Host and Pathogen Transcriptomes. Nature Protocols. 11.

  • Helms, W; Avraham, R, Singh, S; Luo, Ss; Zhang, Wr; Bray, Ma; Hinman, Ae; Thompson, M; Nietupski, Rm; Golas, A; Montgomery, P; Fitzgerald, M; Smith, Rs; White, Dw; Tischler, Ad; Carpenter, Ae; Hung, Dt (2017). Systematic, Multiparametric Analysis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Intracellular Infection Offers Insight Into Coordinated Virulence.

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