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Pasquale De Palo

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Pasquale De Palo, DVM, is assistant professor of Animal Science at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Bari University “A. Moro” (Italy) since 2004. One of his main research topics in the last ten years has been the study of meat and milk production by equids (horses and donkeys). Several draught horses, such as donkeys breeds risk extinction are nowadays endangered for the lack of an economically sustainable use. The main aim of his research is the introduction of innovative techniques aiming to re-evaluate draught horses and donkeys farming, following all the principles of the contemporary agricultural policy, such as biodiversity safeguard, animal welfare, diversifications of agricultural activities, social role of agricultural activities, precision farming and entering into the market with value-added food for consumers’ safety and healthiness.

Research Interest

animal welfare and production

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