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Marco Santucci

Associate Professor
Department of Surgery and Transdermal Medicine (DCMT)
University of Firenze


UNIVERSITY AND POST-UNIVERSITY EDUCATION: 1970 - 1976 Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Summa cum Laude, University of Florence 1976 - 1979 Diploma of Specialization in Oncology, University of Padua 1979 - 1982 Diploma in Specialization in Pathology Anatomy and Histology, University of Pisa 1991 Sabbatical Period as Visiting Investigator, Klinik und Poliklinik für Dermatologie, Venerologie und Allergologie und Institut für Pathologie, Universität Würzburg, Germany 1996 Sabbatical Period as Visiting Professor and Visiting Investigator, Department of Pathology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York (NY) WORKING ACTIVITY: 2010 - 2012 Head of Pathology Anatomy Section, Department of Critical Surgical Physics Area, University of Florence 2004 - to date Director, School of Specialization in Anatomy of Pathology, University of Florence 2004 - to date Director, Complex SOD of Pathological Histology, Careggi Hospital-University Hospital, Florence 2001 - 2004 FF Director, UO of Pathological Anatomy II, Careggi Hospital Company, Florence 2000 - to date Ordinary Professor of Pathological Anatomy, University of Florence 1998 - 2001 Deputy Director, UO of Pathological Anatomy II, Careggi Hospital Company, Florence 1995 - 2000 Associate Professor of Pathological Anatomy, University of Florence 1992 - 1995 Associate Professor of Ultrastructural Diagnostics, University of Florence 1983 - 1992 University Researcher, University of Florence

Research Interest

The research activity is focused on different aspects of skin neoplastic disease (in particular to study: i) signal pathways and receptor systems involved in the pathogenesis of melanoma; ii) the tumor microenvironment in melanoma, with particular attention to lymphangiogenesis and macrophages associated with the tumor; iii) the classification and prognostic criteria of primitive cutaneous lymphomas) and of the cervix-facial region (in particular to study: i) the role of NO in neoplasias of the head-neck region; ii) lymphangiogenesis in the squamous cell carcinoma of the head-neck region; iii) the biomolecular characterization of intestinal nasal-sinus adenocarcinoma in leather and wood workers).


  • R Santi; L Simi; R Fucci; M Paglierani; M Pepi; P Pinzani; B Merelli; M Santucci; G Botti; C Urso; D Massi. (2015). KIT genetic alterations in anorectal melanomas. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PATHOLOGY, vol. 68, pp. 130-134, ISSN: 0021-9746

  • Klemke, CD; Booken, N.; Weiss, C .; Nicolay, JP; Goerdt, S .; Felcht, M .; Géraud, C.; Kempf, W .; Assaf, C.; Ortonne, N .; Battistella, M .; Bagot, M .; Knobler, R .; Quaglino, P .; Arheiliger, B .; Santucci, M .; Jansen, P .; Vermeer, MH; Willemze, R. (2015). Histopathological and immunophenotypical criteria for the diagnosis of Sézary syndrome in differentiation from other erythrodermic skin diseases: A European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Cutaneous Lymphoma Task Force Study of 97 cases. BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY, vol. 173, pp. 93-105-105, ISSN: 0007-0963 DOI ONLINE ACCESS TO THE EDITOR

  • Franchi, Alessandro; Palomba, Annarita; Miligi, Lucia; Ranucci, Valentina; Innocenti, Duccio Rossi Degli; Simoni, Antonella; Pepi, Monica; Santucci, Marco (2015). Intestinal metaplasia of the synonasal mucosa adjacent to intestinal-type adenocarcinoma. A morphologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular study. VIRCHOWS ARCHIV, vol. 466, pp. 161-168, ISSN: 0945-6317 DOI ONLINE ACCESS TO THE EDITOR

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