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Hiroshi Ueda



Dr. Ueda is a professor at Chemical Resources Laboratory, TIT. As an antibody engineer, he developed a number of new immunoassay methods including Open sandwich immunoassay, which can noncompetitively detect small molecule antigens with higher sensitivity than by conventional competitive assay. Recently he extended this approach to develop “Quenchbodies”, whose fluorescence increases upon binding with antigen, which is now under commercialization as a quick detection device for narcotics. He has also created a novel protein-protein interaction assay based on the functional complementation of firefly luciferase mutants. For these accomplishments, he was awarded with a Promotion Award and a Research Award from the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, and Nagase Foundation Award, 2014.

Research Interest

Protein engineering of antibody and other molecules with the aim of biosensing and diagnostics, Immunoassay, Combinatorial technology, Bioluminescence both in basic and applied aspects.

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