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Toshiya Senda

Senior Researcher
Structural Biology
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK),


Toshiya Senda has completed his PhD from Nagaoka University of Technology (Niigata, Japan) in 1995. He was a Research Associate in Nagaoka University of Technology (1995-2001) and a Senior Researcher in Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (2001-2012). Now, he is the Director/Professor of Structural Biology Research Center of High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEKI) in Japan. He was awarded the CrSJ (Crystallographic society of Japan) award in 2014 (Structural biology studies of CagA from Helicobacter pylori and histone chaperon CIA/ASF1).

Research Interest

Structural Biology


  • The native (Sulfur) SAD method in photon factory

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