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H Haraguch

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H Haraguchi obtained her BA from the Faculty of Life Sciences of Toyo University in March 2017 and is currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Toyo University. In the course of her undergraduate studies, she has become interested in life-sciences related technologies with near-future commercial impacts. Localized surface plasmon resonance sensors appealed to her as one such technology, and she has concentrated on improving the sensor stability and reproducibility of signals. Having discovered that some relatively short alkanethiols were surprisingly well suited for stabilizing noble metal nanoparticles, she made her first presentation at the 76th Annual Conference of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry on this finding. For this, she was given a Young Scholar’s Award. Currently she is principally interested in optimizing the surface passivation protocol based on the above discovery, with an aim of submitting a patent application under the supervision of Prof. H Takei. Specifically, she intends to exploit unique characteristics of LSPR sensors over more traditional SPR sensors for assessment of antibodies for therapeutic uses.

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