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Kokash Ahmad Husam

Assistant Professor
Al Ahliyya Amman University


Qualification: Degree- Ph.D.- Institute- Malaga University - Spain- Major- Marketing and Market Research; Degree- Master- Institute- Malaga University - Spain- Major- Marketing; Degree- Master- Institute- Autonomous of Madrid - Spain.

Research Interest



  • Iqbal A, Kokash H. Faculty perception of stress and coping strategies in a Saudi private university: An exploratory study. International Education Studies. 2011;4(3):137.

  • Iqbal A, Kokash HA, Al-Oun S. The impact assessment of demographic factors on faculty commitment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian universities. Journal of College Teaching and Learning. 2011 Feb 1;8(2):1.

  • Kokash HA. Jordanian travel agencies' websites assessment: experts vs tourists' perceptions. International Journal of Marketing Studies. 2012 Mar 30;4(2):80.

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