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Eyad Hamad

Assistant Professor
School of Applied Medical Sciences
German Jordanian University


PHD in Biomedical Engineering (MEMS and Biosensors)

Research Interest



  • Hamad, E, McAdams, E," Impedimetric point-of-care cardiac marker system",Computing in Cardiology,37:201−204, ISSN 0276−6574,2010

  • Hamad, E , Moore, E,"Enhancing the sensitivity of point-of-care cardiac marker detection using micro-impedimetric immunosensor arrays", Biosensors and Bioelectronics ,Manuscript under reviewing,2011

  • Al-Gharabli, S, Rawashdeh, N, Hamad, E, AlQasem, E, & Hamdi, H,"Neural Network Based Prediction of 3D Protein Structure as a Function of Enzyme Family Type and Amino Acid Sequences",submitted,2015

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