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Walid Al-zyoud

Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering Departmen
German Jordanian University


After one semester of a nursing degree, Walid discovered that working with patients was decidedly not for him and that studying their DNA was much more interesting...and this is how he ended up here. Walid graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), and then earned a Master's degree in Biotechnology from Yarmouk University (YU). He then joined the King Hussein Cancer Foundation & center (KHCC) where he performed immunogenetics and molecular diagnostics tests on cancer patients samples, which was very daunting for a newly graduated student. Walid earned his PhD in Pathology from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney in Australia where he aimed to combine his molecular pathology background with new biophysical techniques. His postgraduate research project focused on the small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) approach to resolve the architecture and conformational changes of An unusual bacterial transcription factor involved in amino acid metabolism in a work published in Nucleic Acids Research (NAR),a highly reputed Oxford University Journal with an impact factor of 9.112 in 2015.

Research Interest



  • Wahsha, M., Al-Absi, Bini, C., Bani Yassen, A., Al-Zyoud, & Al-Jawasreh,"EFFECTS OF TOXIC ELEMENTS ON LEAF MORPHOLOGY OF HALOPHILA STIPULACEA GROWINMINE DUMP SEDIMENTS IN SOUTHEAST JORDAN. EQA – Environmental Quality",21, 33–4,2016

  • Walid A. Al-Zyoud, Robert Hynson, Till Boecking, Lawrence Lee , Dali Liu, Katharina Gaus, Joshua Ho, Eleni Giannoulatou, Alastair Stewart, Matthew Baker, Anthony Duff, Adelle Coster, Lorraine Ganuelas,"Binding of transcription factor GabR to DNA requires recognition of DNA shape at a location distinct from its cognate binding site",Oxford Journals,Nucl. Acids Res. 44 (3): 1411-1420,2016

  • Walid A. Al-Zyoud,"Monograph Book, DNA binding mechanism of an unusual bacterial transcription regulator ", LAP LAMBERT Academic Publisher,Germany,2016

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