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Kazem S. Al-nimri

Preventive Dentistry
Jordan University of Science and Technology


Education • Ph.D. in Dentistry from The Queen's University/Belfast/U.K, 1998 • Bsc. in Dentistry from Jordan University Of Science And Technology, 1991

Research Interest

Preventive Dentistry


  • Kazem AL-Nimri, Andrew Richardson., "The non-surgical treatment of class III malocclusion by the Tip-Edge appliance: Treatment mechanics and case report.," Jordanian Dental Journal , vol. 1, no. , pp. 53-58, 1997

  • Faiez N. Hattab, Othman M. Yassin, Kazem S. AL-Nimri, "Talon cusp associated with other dental abnormalities. Literature review and seven cases report," International journal for pediatric dentistry , vol. 16, no. , pp. 154-159, 1996

  • Faiez N. Hattab, Othman M. Yassin, Kazem S. AL-Nimri., "Talon cusp-Clinical significance and management: Case reports," Quintessence International , vol. 26, no. , pp. 115-120, 1995

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