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Najla H. Aldaoud

Assistant Professor
Pathology and Microbiology
Jordan University of Science and Technology


Education • CANADIAN FELLOWSHIP in Pathology from University Of Toronto, 2010 • CANADIAN FELLOWSHIP in Pathology from University Of Toronto, 2011 • Bsc. in Medicine and Surgery from Baghdad University, 2000 • Jordanian Board in Pathology from Jordan Medical Council, 2007 • Higher Speciality in Higher Specialization in Medicine from University Of Jordan, 2007

Research Interest

Pathology and Microbiology


  • Najla H. Aldaoud, "Diagnostic Utility of Androgen Receptor Expression in Discriminating Poorly Differentiated Urothelial and Prostate Carcinoma," J Clin Pathol. 2013 Sep; 66(9):779-86., vol. 66, no. 9, pp. 779-786, 2013

  • Najla H. Aldaoud, "Biopsy diagnosis of intraductal carcinoma is prognostic in intermediate and high risk prostate cancer patients treated by radiotherapy," Eur. J Cancer, vol. 48, no. 14, pp. 1318-1325, 2012

  • Najla H. Aldaoud, "The value of triple antibody (34?E12 + p63+ AMACR) cocktail stain in radical prostatectomy specimens with crushed surgical margins," J Clin pathol (2012) May; 65 (5):437-40., vol. 65, no. 5, pp. 437-440, 2012

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