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Nayef S. Al-gharaibeh

physiology and Biochemistry
Jordan University of Science and Technology


Education • Bsc. in Medicine and Surgery from Odessa Institute Technology, 1980 • Ph.D. in Biology Sciences from The University Of Iowa, 1988

Research Interest

physiology and Biochemistry


  • Nayef S. Al-Gharaibeh, "N-Ethylmaliemide (NEM)-stimulated Passive Potassium Transport in Camel Erythrocytes: Inhibitory Effects of Age, Furosemide, Sodium Fluoride and Okadaic Acid," The Veterinary Journal, Volume 157, Issue 1, Pages 57-60, vol. 157, no. 1, pp. 57-60, 1999

  • Nayef S. Al-Gharaibeh, "Iron status: a possible risk factor for the first febrile seizure.," Epilepsia. 43(7):740-3., vol. 43, no. 7, pp. 740-743, 2002

  • Nayef S. Al-Gharaibeh, "Volume-dependent K+ transport in rabbit red blood cells comparison with oxygenated human SS cells.," Am J Physiol. 257(1 Pt 1):C114-21, vol. 257, no. 1pt 1, pp. 114-121, 1989

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