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Ziad W Jaradat

Associate Professor
Jordan University of Science & Technology


Ziad W Jaradat holds an MSc and PhD Degrees in Microbiology and Biotechnology from the University of Manitoba, Canada with an outstanding record. Immediately after finishing his PhD, he joined Purdue University as a postdoctoral research associate and worked for 3 years where he published several articles in high ranking Journals including Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Infection and Immunity, FEMS Medical Microbiology and Immunology, International Journal of Food Microbiology and several other Journals. After finishing his appointment at Purdue University, he have Joined a biotechnology company (SA Scientific ) in San Antonio, Texas for two years were he was a senior research Scientist in Department of Research and Development working on developing point of care immunodiagnostic test kits for early detection of pregnancy and detection of viral and bacterial diseases. In September 2004, he joined the Jordan University of Science and Technology with a major appointment in the Departments of Applied Biology and the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering and co-appointment with the Department of Nutrition and Food Science. Since his appointment at JUST, he was actively involved in research, he have obtained several grants from local and international granting agencies. In Sept 2009 he was promoted to Associate professor. Since July 2007, he is working in Institute of Applied Technology, UAE as head of Academic Affairs. So far he have published 28 research articles, written 3 book chapters by invitation and have ongoing research projects.

Research Interest

Microbiology and Biotechnology; Production and characterization of monoclonal, polyclonal and anti-idiotypic antibodies; Immunological and proteomic analysis of food and environmental pathogens and allergens; Rapid detection of food and environmental pathogens using immunoassays, lateral flow and molecular techniques; Genetic fingerprinting of food and environmental pathogens using PCR, RFLP, VNTR; Understanding mechanisms of pathogenesis using molecular and immunological principles; Genetics of Obesity; Identification of cancer markers in urine, serum or tissue at both molecular and proteomic levels; Searching for enzymes and other bioactive agents from soil microbes; Studying pollen allergy using proteomics and immunochemical techniques

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