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Nailah Shukri Al-madi

Assistant professor
Department of Computer Science
Princess Sumaya University for Technology


Nailah Al-Madi received her PhD degree in Computer Science from North Dakota State University, USA, in 2014. She earned her M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, in 2009. She received her B.Sc. degree in Computer Information Systems from Al al-Bayt University, Jordan, in 2005. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan. Her research interests include: Optimization and Evolutionary Computation, Data Mining, Big Data, MapReduce and Hadoop Framework, Robotics, and Wireless Sensor Networks.

Research Interest

Computer Science


  • Faris H., Aljarah I., Mirjalili S. and Al-Madi Nailah “Optimizing the Learning Process of Feedforward Neural Networks Using Lightning Search Algorithm”. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools. Volume 25, Issue 3=6, pp 1650033 (32 pages).2016

  • Aljarah I., Faris H., Mirjalili S. and Al-Madi Nailah. “Training radial basis function networks using biogeography-based optimizer”. Neural Computing and Applications (Springer). pp 1-25. 2016.

  • Al-Madi Nailah, “Mike Preuss: Multimodal optimization by means of evolutionary algorithms”. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines (Springer), Volume 17, Issue 3, pp 315-316. 2016

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