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Yahia Sabri Mustafa Al-halabi

Department of Computer Science
Princess Sumaya University for Technology


Professor Yahia AL-Halabi received his PhD degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Clarkson University, USA in 1982. He joined the University of Jordan, in Amman, Jordan, as an assistant professor in 1982, achieving promotion to associate professor in 1987 and to the rank of full professor in 1994. During the period 1982 to 2001, he served as academic professor at the University of Jordan. In 2001, he joined the H.Q. of the newly-established Arab Open University in Kuwait and served as Dean of the Faculty of Computer Studies for a period of 4 years. In September 2005, he joined Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) as professor of Computer Science in the King Hussein School, Department of Computer Science and was Dean of the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences for the period between 15/9/2008 to 19/9/2010. He is currently serving as professor of Computer Science at PSUT. Throughout his career, he has occupied different administrative positions such as: Director of Computer Center (for a period of 4 years), Chairman of Computer Science (for a period of 6 years), Dean of Faculty of Science and Art at Amman Private University (for a period of 3 years), visiting professor at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (for a period of one year), a member of the PSUT Board of Trustees. He has also served as a member on different scientific and administrative committees in different universities and ministries in Jordan and abroad. Research interests include: Image Processing · Computer Simulation · Algorithms · Numerical Modeling · Theory of Computation · E-learning Professor Halabi has published more than 50 papers in different international journals and international conferences and supervised many local and overseas graduate students from different universities, as well as acting as an external examiner for graduate students at different national and international universities.

Research Interest

Computer Science


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