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Saed Abu Yahia

Business Development Manager
Sana Pharma


  Saed Abu Yahia has done B.Sc. (Pharm.), M. Phil., JPA Intensive marketing experience at regional level (MENA), Near East, Indian subcontinent, Far East and Europe Uncompromising ethics and transparent communications underpin business-focused value proposition that facilitate competitiveness via high standard service. A result oriented professional with leadership skills, skilled in bridging differences between diverse agenda and directing them to a common goal, in unifying team efforts and optimizing its dynamics, and harnessing strategic and operational drivers to achieve the desired goals. Eager to execute a stretched role that involves planning, adding for growth, subtracting for profit, improvement of business processes and broad understanding of competitiveness  that will consequently alter the status quo of the business. Acknowledged for well defined understanding of the generic pharmaceutical business and capacity to identify and align emerging markets needs and emerging technologies effects with products and services. with emphasis on Pharmaceutical biotechnology products, Oncology and potent drugs.

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