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Adnan A. M. Al-bashir

Associate Professor
Industrial Engineering
The Hashemite University


Education: Ph.D. Florida State University The United States of America,2003. Master University of Jordan Jordan,1991. Bachelor University of Jordan Jordan,1986.

Research Interest

Quality Engineering, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Statistically Designed Experiments, Regression Methods, Introduction to Statistics, Advanced Applied Statistics, Business Process Reengineering, System Simulation, Operation Research & Optimization, Decision Analysis, Project Analysis and Design, Project Management, Quality Control, Risk Management, Cost Control & Cost Management, Performance Measures and Excellency awards.


  • A.K. Abdul Jawwad and A. Al-Bashir “Statistical Modeling of Thermal Spray Welding of Steel-Shaft Materials for Wear Resistance”, 2005

  • Adnan Bashir, and James Simpson “Analysis of Supersaturated Design”, Presented in Quality and Productivity Research Conference QPRC, 2003

  • Adnan Bashir, and James Simpson “Constructing Improved Supersaturated Designs with Genetic Algorithms”, submitted to Journal of Quality Technology.

  • Adnan Bashir, and James Simpson, “Constructing Improved Supersaturated Designs with Genetic Algorithms,” Presented in the Joint Statistical Meeting, 2003 in San Francisco, California. August 3 - 7, 2003 •

  • Adnan Bashir, and James Simpson, “Finding the Important Factors Among Many Factors in Designed Experiments,” Proceedings for the 2002 IIE Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida, May 2002.

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