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Ali Mohammad Ibrahim Al-radaideh

Assistant Professor
Medical Imaging
The Hashemite University


Dr. Ali Al-Radaideh graduated from the Hashemite University with a first class (Excellent) BSc degree in Radiography in 2003 and worked as a radiographer at Ibn Al-Haitham hospital-Amman for two years before he returns back to academia as a lab technician at the Hashemite University. In 2006, he went on to obtain his MSc and PhD in Medical Imaging from the UK. He received his MSc in Medical imaging from Aberdeen University in 2007 (with commendation) and his PhD in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) from the University of Nottingham in 2010 (Sir Peter Mansfield MR center SPMMRC). Dr. Al-Radaideh joined the Hashemite University as an assistant professor in February 2011, and he is now the head of medical imaging department and the vice dean of the faculty of allied health sciences at the Hashemite University.

Research Interest

• MRI of Neurodegenerative diseases. • MRI of spinal cord injury. • Imaging the iron stores in the brain of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease using the quantitative magnetic susceptibility mapping technique (qMSM). • Quantitative assessment of demyelination using different mapping techniques such as Magnetization Transfer Ratio (MTR), longitudinal relaxation time (T1), transverse relaxation time (T2), pseudo-relaxation time (T2*), and proton density (PD). • Cortical thickness, volume and area measurement and mapping in different neurodegenerative diseases. • Studying the recovery from optic neuritis in patients with multiple sclerosis using functional MRI techniques. • MRI tracking of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells. • Abdominal fat measurement using MRI. • Hepatic fat assessment using MRI. • Brain Diffusion MRI. • Brain Perfusion MRI.


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  • Emma C Tallantyre, Paul S Morgan, Jennifer E Dixon, Ali Al-Radaideh, Matthew J Brookes, Peter G Morris, Nikos Evangelou. “3T and 7T MRI of Multiple Sclerosis Cortical Lesions”. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2010;32 (4):971-977.

  • A.C.Hurley, A. Al-Radaideh, L. Bai, U. Aickelin, R. Coxon, P. Glover, P.A. Gowland. “Tailored RF pulse for magnetization inversion at ultrahigh field”. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2010; 63(1): 51-58

  • allantyre, Emma C.; Dixon, Jennifer E.; Morgan, Paul S.; Brookes, Matthew J.; Al-Radaideh, Ali Mohammad; Evangelou, Nikos; Morris, Peter G. “A comparison of 3T and 7T in the detection of small parenchymal blood vessels within MS lesions”. Investigative Radiology. 2009; 4(9): 491-494.

  • G T Vasileiadis, A Al-Radaideh, P Morgan, H Mulder, P Gowland, N Marlow. “Very preterm born children demonstrate reduced caudate nucleus volumes independently of brain size”. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2008; 93:pw94.

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