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Hazim .m. M. Dwairi

Associate Professor
Civil Engineering
The Hashemite University


Education: Ph.D. North Carolina State University The United States of America,2005, Master Jordan University of Science & Technology Jordan,1999, Bachelor Jordan University of Science & Technology Jordan,1997.

Research Interest

* Earthquake Engineering, analysis and design. * Performance-based seismic engineering. * Behavior and design of reinforced concrete and Prestressed concrete structures. * Sound waves propagation and noise isolation


  • Hasan N. Katkhuda, Hazim M. Dwairi and Nasim Shatarat (2010). “System Identification of Steel Framed Structures with Semi-rigid Connections.” Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 34(3), pp. 351-366.

  • H. M. Dwairi and H. M. Duwairi (2010). “On The Vertical Velocity Component Effects on Sound Waves Propagation of a Stationary or Flowing Fluid in a Cylindrical Tube Filled With a Porous Media.” Journal of Porous Media, 13(3), pp. 249-259.

  • Husam Al-Qablan, Hazim Dwairi, Nasim Shatarat , Taleb Rosan and Tamara Al-Qablan (2010). “Stability Analysis of Composite Panels with Stiffeners and Circular Cutouts.” Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering, 4(2), pp. 119-131.

  • H. M. Dwairi, M. C. Wagner, M. J. Kowalsky, and Paul Zia (2010). “Behavior of Instrumented Prestressed High Performance Concrete Bridge Girders.” Journal of Construction and Building Materials, 24(11), pp. 2294-2311.

  • K. S. Numayr and H. M. Dwairi (2010). "Dynamic Response of Sandwich Plates Subjected to Impact Loading." Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering, 4 (3), 2010, pp. 231 - 252.

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