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Mohammad Ahmad Falah

Assistant Professor/ B
Mechanical Engineering
The Hashemite University


Education: Ph.D. State University of New York at Binghamton The United States of America,2015. Master Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan,2011. Bachelor Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan,2009.

Research Interest

Electronic Packages Characterization and Finite element Modeling Finite Element Model Correlation and Validation Vibration Testing/Measurement Mathematical Modeling.


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  • Obaidat, M., Meanazel, O., & Gharaibeh, M., (2016) “Pad Cratering: Reliability of Assembly Level and Joint Level”, Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (Accepted). 6. Gharaibeh, M., Su, Q., & Pitarresi, J., (2016) “Analytical Solution for Electron

  • Gharaibeh, M., (2016) “Finite Element Model Updating of Board-Level Electronic Packages by Factorial Analysis and Modal Measurements”. Microelectronics International

  • Gharaibeh, M. & Obiedat, A., (2017) “Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Plates with Clamped Corners”, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Darwish, F., Tashtoush, G., & Gharaibeh, M. (2013). “Stress concentration analysis for countersunk rivet holes in orthotropic plates”. European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids, 37, 69-78.

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