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Wasfi A. A. Shatanawi

The Hashemite University


Education: Ph.D. in Carleton University Canada,2002,Master Yarmouk University Jordan,1997, Bachelor Yarmouk University Jordan,1994.

Research Interest

Sequence Spaces, Nuclear Maps, Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Analysis, Approximation Theory, Analysis, Fixed Point Theory.


  • K. Abodayeh, W. Shatanawi, and D. Turkoglu, Some fixed point theorems in quasi-metric spaces under quasi weak contractions, Global

  • W. Shatanawi, M S. MD Noorani, H. Alsamir, A. Bataihah, Fixed and common fixed point theorems in partially ordered quasi-metric spaces, J. Math. Computer Sci. 16 (2016), 516–528.

  • W. Shatanawi, On fuzzy partitions, accepted in Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

  • A.H. Ansari, W. Shatanawi, A. Kurdi, G. Maniu, Best proximity points in complete metric spaces with (P)-property via C-class functions, Journal of Mathematical Analysis, Volume 7 Issue 6(2016), Pages 54- 67.

  • V. Gupta, W. Shatanawi, N. Mani, Fixed point theorems for ( , )- Geraghty contraction type maps in ordered metric spaces and some applications to integral and ordinary differential equations, 2016, Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications, Article in Press.

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