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Dilyara Nartova

Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
KIMEP University


Diploma, Red Diploma of Department of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, Kazakh State University, 1983. Diploma, Almaty Institute of Economics and Statistics, 1996 Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Kazakh State University, 1996 Docent Degree, Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan, 2003 Senior Lecturer, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP), since 2005 Associate Professor, Kazakh-British Technology University, Department of Natural Science, 2003-2004 Docent – Kazakhstan National University,  Department of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. 2004-2005 Docent of Suleiman Demirel University, Department of Natural science, 2003-2005 Associate Professor, Kazakhstan American University, Department of Mathematics,  2003-2004 Head of Department of Natural Science, Pro- Vice Rector,  Kazakhstan University of Finance and Economics, 1998-2003. Non-academic experience: Insurance specialist, “Ortalyc” Insurance Company, Kazakstan, duties: Mathematical decisions models especially for forecasting. Measuring insurance risks for different segments of the society (companies, individuals and cars), 1993-95:

Research Interest

Research interests include the mathematical modeling of different kinds of economical processes.  Optimization problems in investment processes applying diverse mathematical tools such a linear and nonlinear programming, game theory, network model, statistical and econometrical models are considered. The standard packages of the applied programs such MathCAD, MS Project and other are widely used. The task of modeling of dynamic interaction of the participants of the integrated corporate group is investigated. The optimal mathematical model of mutual investment is formulated. This model allows constructing the most rational circuit due to methods of the theory of not antagonistic games.


  • “Modeling of the dynamics of investment and construction project under uncertainty conditions”, Scientific proceedings of international scientific and practice conference:: Ryskulov readings: “ Global economical crisis : reasons, reality and ways for overcoming “, 2009

  • “Algorithm approach in managing of risks of investment spheres of the region”. “Improving the quality of education of informatics technologies in high school. Approaches and opportunities” .IT University. Almaty 2010.

  • Oil prices Fluctuation Impact on Irag,s Economy”, European Journal of Social Science , Volume 26, Issue 4 , 2011.

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