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Gulnara Moldasheva

Department of Accounting
KIMEP University


In Academic area and education with the specialization in Mathematical Economics (CRC of RAS, Moscow); in Multinational Finance (Denmark-Copenhagen Business School, 1994); Business Economics (NCEE program of US-Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Romania); in Financial Management (IMTA-Slovenia, 2003) and  in Project Management (Turkey, 1997) during more than 30 years. Over my teaching and professional experience I have trained abroad in many universities and institutions in different areas having more than 40 certificates. I was involved also in several research projects of EU, ADB, and UNDP. I was fortunate to get more teaching experience in U.S., and in 2001 year I have completed the JFDP program at Indiana Universality in Bloomington in Business Administration with the specialization in Corporate Finance, and I have completed IMTA in 2003 year in Slovenia with specialization in Financial Management.

Research Interest

Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Multinational Business Finance, Business Economics


  • Gulnara Moldasheva (2013),World Finance Conference, 1-3 July, Cyprus, Paper: Corporate Governance Influence on Capital Structure: Evidence from Kazakh Listed Financial Institutions , Conference proceedings

  • Gulnara Moldasheva and Monowar Mahmood,(2014), Personality, learning strategies ,and academic performance: Evidence from post-Soviet Kazakhstan, Education ÑŽ Training,Vol. 56 No. 4, 2014,pp. 343-359, Emerald Group Publishing Limited,0040-0912, DOI 10.1108/ET-10-2012-0101 .The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at

  • Gulnara Moldasheva (2014), 13th EBES Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 5-7 June, 2014, The Influence of managerial ownership on Bank Market Value, Performance and Risk: Evidence from Kazakh listed banks. Conference proceedings.

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