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Zhanat Syzdykov

Associate Dean
Audit Departmen
KIMEP University


Dr.   Zhanat Syzdykov is  Associate Dean at Bang College of Business, KIMEP University,Kazakhstan. 

Research Interest

development and preparation of new courses in line with new MSc in Accounting Program requirements.


  • Privatization in Kazakhstan; 1996; Civic Education Project; Conference proceedings at Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia;

  • Madi Mashakov, Zhanat Syzdykov, “Pension Funds in Kazakhstan”; KIRC 2013, Almaty;

  • Zhanat Syzdykov, Madi Mashakov, “Exploratory Study of Liquidity and Corporate Governance Association with Firm Performance: Kazakhstan Experience”; AFBE Journal Volume 6, No. 1, June, 2013; ISSN 2071 – 7873

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