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Baimankulov Abdykarim Tungushbayevich

Associate Professor
Software Department
Kostanay State University


Baimankulov Abdykarim Tungushbayevich Associate Professor of Software Department Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

Research Interest



  • Baimankulov AT, Convergence of difference schemes in the coefficient inverse problem of moisture migration in an inhomogeneous medium. Problems of automation and control. Institute of Automation. - Bishkek 2012. Page 217-221 Baimankulov AT, Variational-difference method in coefficient inverse

  • Baymankulov AT, Algorithm for calculating the approximate value of the diffusion coefficient of groundwater. THE NOVELTY OF HIGH SCHOOLS. № 1, 2012. - Bishkek, 2012. Page 8-12

  • Baimankulov AT, Proof of the monotonicity of the minimizing functional. Science and new technologies. Republican Scientific and Theoretical Journal. № 2, 2012. - Bishkek, 2012. Pg. 15-19

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