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Baitasova Moldir Zhumashevna

Senior Lecturer
Theory and History of State and Law
Kostanay State University


Baitasova Moldir Zhumashevna Senior lecturer of the Department of theory and history of state and law

Research Interest

Public service of foreign countries Diplomatic and consul right


  • Baitasova M.Zh. Human Rights and foreign policy of the countries «Aldamzhar readings – 2011»: Materials of the international scientific-practical conference. - Kostanai, 2011. - P. 102-105.

  • Baitasova M.Zh. Pecularities of administrative and territorial structures of foreign countries the Paradigm of modern science in the eyes of the youth: Materials of international scientific conference dedicated to memory of Atzhanov T.Zh. and Rodnov A.M. - Kostanai, 2012. - P. 99-101.

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