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Kharchenko Sergey Vasilievich

Associate Professor
Journalism and Communication Management
Kostanay State University


Kharchenko Sergey Vasilievich Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor of VAK, Professor of Kazan State University

Research Interest

Converged Media Technology


  • Kharchenko SV, An important element of interethnic communications of Kazakhstan. - Ethnic diversity in conditions of social transformations. - Penza, 2011.

  • Kharchenko SV, New approaches to avoid conflicts. - Social and humanitarian knowledge: the search for new perspectives. - Penza, 2011.

  • Kharchenko SV, Features of the attitude of the population of Kazakhstan to the state administration. - Vedaateshnologiekrokdobudoucnosti - 2012. - Praga, 2012.

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