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Elizabeth Arkhangelsky

Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Nazarbayev University


Elizabeth Arkhangelsky received her Ph. D. degree from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (2006 - 2010). She has more than 12 years of experience in membrane research. 2010-2013 she worked as Post Doctoral research fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. At the end of 2013 Dr. Arkhangelsky joined Nazarbayev University, Civil Engineering Department as Assistant Professor.Now she is an Associate Professor.

Research Interest

Her research interests are related to membrane processes and their implementation in desalination, water and wastewater treatment. She believe that due to universal treatment capabilities, competitive cost and the tremendous potential results from ability to remove the whole spectrum of contaminants, membrane separation represents an important technology for water treatment. Further research of the membrane processes will provide answers to many practical questions that will be very useful in solving issues related to water scarcity.


  • Arkhangelsky E., Kuzmenko D., Gitis V. (2007) Impact of chemical treatment on properties and functioning of polyethersulfone membranes. Journal of Membrane Science 305, 176-184.

  • Arkhangelsky E., Kuzmenko D., Gitis N. V., Vinogradov M., Kuiry S., Gitis V. (2007) Hypochlorite cleaning causes degradation of polymer membranes. Tribology Letters 28, 109-116.

  • Kuzmenko D., Arkhangelsky E., Belfer S., Freger V. and Gitis V. (2005) Chemical cleaning of UF membranes fouled by BSA. Desalination 179, 323-333.

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