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Prof. Chinwi Mgbere

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
Nazarbayev University

Prof. Chinwi Mgbere


Dr. Chinwi Mgbere is general director at “Facility Construction Directorate” PE of the “Nazarbayev University” AOE. He received his BSc and MSc in Industrial and Civil Engineering from Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering and his second MSc and PhD in Project and Programme Management from National University of Construction and Architecture, before eventually becoming project manager in 2010 and projects director at “Nazarbayev University” construction project in 2013. Dr. Chinwi Mgbere has implemented leadership roles in development projects across several geographic regions from Ukraine to Vietnam. In 2010 he found the PMDAN (Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria) – Member Association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA)

Research Interest

His current research interests include: cognitive readiness of construction project teams; implementation of corporate project, programme, portfolio management control systems; cognitive value creation models in project management.

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