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Prof. Dr. Vasileios J. Inglezakis

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Nazarbayev University


Dr Vasileios J. Inglezakis is Chemical Engineer (1996), holding PhD degree on Chemical Engineering in the field of Pollution Abatement Technologies (2002) and post doc on Environmental Science & Technology (2007). He has published 46 impact factor Journal papers, 88 papers in international conferences and 8 books/books chapters on Chemical Engineering and Environmental Science & Technology, his publications have received more than 1,250 citations and his Scopus h-index is 21 (Scopus data). Furthermore, he has been regular reviewer in 39 academic Journals.

Research Interest

Environmental Science & Technology Group, Water management and environmental impact assessment in the oil and gas industry, Implementing and optimizing the operation of membrane bioreactors for petroleum wastewater treatment, Nanomaterials for Practical Use in Remediation: Case Study of Mercury Contamination in the Lake Bylkyldak, Porous Materials Group and Oil refinery wastewater treatment.


  • V.J.Inglezakis, H.P.Grigoropoulou, Effects of operating conditions on the removal of heavy metals by zeolite in fixed bed reactors, Journal of Hazardous Materials, B 112 (1/2), 37-43 (2004)

  • V.J.Inglezakis and H.P.Grigoropoulou, Modeling of ion exchange of Pb2+ in fixed-beds of clinoptilolite, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 61 (1-3), 273-282 (2003)

  • V.J.Inglezakis, M.Lemonidou, H.P.Grigoropoulou, Liquid holdup and flow dispersion in zeolite packed beds, Chemical Engineering Science, 56, 5049-5057 (2001)

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