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Professor Zhumabay Bakenov

Department of Chemical Engineering
Nazarbayev University


Prof. Zhumabay Bakenov was the first faculty of School of Engineering of Nazarbayev University, joined in August 2011. Prof. Bakenov established a leading international research group at Nazarbayev University, which includes professors and graduate&undergraduate students from NU and other national and international universities. Along with this he has established the first start-up company at the Technopark Nazarbayev University sponsored by the World Bank and the Government of Kazakhstan (Institute of Batteries,

Research Interest

Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Systems, Advanced Materials Science, nanotechnology, electrochemistry; advanced rechargeable batteries; grid energy storage; synthesis of functional nanomaterials – including biological application; environmental engineering – remediation of soil and water; modelling and analysis of electrochemical and thermal processes in lithium-ion batteries.


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