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Botbayeva Zhanar Turlibekovna

senior lecturer
soil science and agrochemistry
S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University


Candidate of biological Sciences,senior lecturer

Research Interest

Microbiology, (microflora of various objects: water, soil, air), identification of microorganisms from various objects with traditional and molecular and genetic methods


  • T., Study the effect of nitrogen-fixing inoculants based on klubenkoobrazovanie and yield of peas. // MOV tulunan 100 years Tolunaori 4 Virology, Microbiology, hygiene, epidemiology Zhaneimmunobiologii sect mzeller. Halyardconference, Almaty B-116

  • BotbaevaZh. T., The development of technology for effective biofungicidestimulator of plant growth on the basis of the microorganisms. Botbaeva IT Newnova APL-Farabitenday Kazakh Ulttyk University "Habarshy" biology seriesi. Almaty, 2012-4 evening (56)-B-46.

  • Sadanov A.K., Karabaev EG, Sarsenova A.S., Zhanar. The strain of Nodule bacteria Rhizobium leguminosarum ZG used to obtain bacterial drug nitragin under the pea. //Application No. 2007/1370 .1 (conclusion on the issue of innovation patent for invention dated 13.10.2008,).

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