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Khassanov Vadim Tagirovich

Associate Professor
The Department of Agriculture and Plant Growing
S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University

Khassanov Vadim Tagirovich


Candidate of Biological Sciences Associate ProfessorDepartment of Plant Protection and Quarantine

Research Interest

Agricultural biotechnology (disease-free seed potatoes and selection, development of diagnostic tests for the detection of viral plant diseases, plant cloning)


  • Hkassanov V.T., Shvedchenko V.K., Fida M.A. et al. Comparison of methods of enzyme immunoassay and real-time PCR for the diagnosis of infection of potato accessions viruses / Research. Biotechnology. - Moscow, 2014. - P. 47-49.

  • Khassanov V.T., Shevchenko V., Borovikov S. at all. Development potatoes viral diseases rapid diagnostic tests Socrates Almanac, Oxford, 2014. - P. 311.

  • Khassanov V.T., Boletus S.N., Kuybagarov M.A. et al. Production of immunoglobulins and immune-enzyme conjugate specific to the S-potato virus / Biotechnology Journal.Theory and practice, Astana, number 4, 2011, pp 39-43.

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