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Perzadayeva Akmaral Abuovna

Associate Professor
The Department of Ecology
S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University


Candidate of Engineering , Associate Professor

Research Interest

Monitoring urban areas , environmental chemistry


  • Perzadayeva A.A., Turgali A.T., Akshabakova Zh.E., Ekologiсal assessment of roadside areas adjacent to Avenue Abylaikhan. Bulletin of the Eurasian National University them. L.N. Gumilev, № 2 (105). 2015. pp 247-253.

  • Perzadayeva A.A., Bekpergenova Zh.B. Geoecological estimation vehicles impact on air basin Astana. Bulletin of the Kazakh National University them. Al-Farabi number 2/1 (44), 2015. pp 190-195.

  • Perzadayeva A.A. Environmental assessment of the roadside areas adjacent to Avenue Bogenbai. Chemical Journal of Kazakhstan. Number 3. 2015. pp 355-360.

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