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Zhetibaikyzy Nazken

soil science and agrochemistry
S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University


Master's degree of agricultural sciences, assistant of сhair of soil science and agricultural chemistry

Research Interest

The biological activity of the soil, microbiology, soil and agrochemical researches


  • Nauanova A.P., Ishmukhanbetova G.N., Zhetibaikyzy N. Test of stability of perspective numbers of barley selection Shortandy to the root rot with the use of infectious backgrounds // Announcer of science of the Kazakh agrotechnical university named by S.Seifullin–Astana, 2011. - â„– 1(67). – S. 54-60.

  • Nauanova A.P., Bisenov Zh.A., Aidarkulova R.S., Zhumabek B., Ishmukhanbetova G.N., Zhetibaikyzy N., Koshaeva A.S. Stamm of Cladosporium gossypiicola 10, possessing fungicide properties against the causative agents of root rot of barley and cellulose activity in soil // Copyright certificate â„–74563 от 18.11.2011.

  • Aidarkulova R.S., Nauanova A.P., Ishmukhanbetova G.N., Zhetibaikyzy N., Eshekenova Z.B., Aidarbekova S.K. Study of influence of metabolits, cellulose destroying mushrooms on a germination and forming of harvest of barley in the dry steppe zone of North Kazakhstan // Works of the IV international scientific conference of young scientists, sanctified to the 40years with Russian agricultural academy –Novosibirsk, 2010. – S. 17-21.

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