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David Masabule Mulati

Senior Lecturer
Department of Physics
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


1999 - Obtained Ph.D. in "Electronic and Engineering", at Kyoto University Japan. Key areas covered in the Ph.D. program: include the advanced experiments in the Electronics Sciences like Lithography, Secondary electron microscopy, Normalski Microscope, chemical vapor deposition technique for thin films and material growth for semiconductors applicable in solar cell processing. Characterization of multicrystalline silicon material for low-cost solar in realizing higher efficiencies. The study extensively exposed me to wide computer package and skills namely: work processing, graphics statistical, data and Internet applications. 2 I learned how to operate Rutherford back scattering equipment, deep level impurity determination techniques among others. We made some breakthroughs by realizing a simple and cheaper method of characterizing silicon solar cells for terrestrial application. 1990 - Obtained Master of Science (Physics) on (Material for Electronic Application), from Kenyatta University. The program exposed me to practical and theoretical details of polypropylene polymer material as a semi-conductor under certain conditions. 1986 - Obtained a Bachelor of Education (science), Second Class Honours -Upper Division, from Kenyatta University. The program prepared me in all aspects of education and Sciences; Particularly in Physics and mathematics and some aspects of philosophy in the learning environment.

Research Interest

materials sciences laying emphasis on appropriate technology in solar energy and environment.


  • David Mulati, Takashi Fuyuki and Hiroyuki MATSUNAMI: "Statistical analysis of local shunts and their relationship with minority-carrier lifetime in multi -crystalline silicon solar cells " Elsevier Science B.V., Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 65 (2001) p 445-451.

  • David Mulati Takashi FUYUKI and Hiroyuki MATSUNAMI: "Lifetime determination of minority carriers in multi-crystalline silicon solar cells based on current transients." Japan .J. Appl. Phys. Vol.38 (1999) p 1408-1411 No.3A.

  • David Mulati, Takashi FUYUKI, and Hiroyuki MATSUNAMI:" Characterization of Local Shunts in Multi-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Based on mesa structures formed by wet-etching", Institute of Electronics, and Information Communication Engineers Technical Report. Vol. 98 (59) (1998) p.129.

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